For a few hours every week- 8-12 pm every Friday night from May to November-  the southwest platform of Union Square Park is transformed from one of many busy New York city corners, into a creative space that elevates free expression, originality, and raw hip hop in its purest form. Knowledge is shared, cultures are connected and community is born. The cypher is, in its simplest form, a group of artists exchanging ideas in rhyme. Look deeper and you’ll see an environment come to life- one we all build together.  In this environment, all voices are appreciated, everyone is accepted and all are welcomed.  We’re building more than beats and bars, we’re building a movement. Join us. Bring your freestyle game, bring your writtens, bring your most authentic self, just don’t look at the camera.

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Legendary Cyphers has been featured in prestigious publications such as National Geographic Magazine, The BBC, The Root, among many others. Read More about theM Here.



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